Disappeared JspFactory after OS upgrade

After un upgrade to the latest OS LTS Ubuntu version I found one of my Tomcat web apps not working anymore.

It turns out that the upgrade wiped a library link used to run JSPs.


java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.servlet.jsp.JspFactory

while trying to open a JSP web page.


The above mentioned class is supposed to be found in jsp-api.jar library that is located in the ${TOMCAT_HOME}/common/lib/ folder.

Now jsp-api.jar is actually a soft-link to ../../../java/jsp-api.jar (actually: /usr/share/java/jsp-api.jar), the fact is that there is no jsp-api.jar was present in that  ../../../java/ folder: problem cause found!


create a link with the expected name in /usr/share/java/ using a couple of commands:

cd /usr/share/java
sudo ln -s jsp-api-2.0.jar jsp-api.jar

where  jsp-api-2.0.jar should be replaced with any version that is compatible with your Tomcat version and JDK version.



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